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Ladderblast Charities

At Ladderblast Charities, we believe in the power of visionaries and dreamers. Our mission is to ignite positive change by launching and supporting impactful nonprofits and providing essential funding for a better world. 

Ways to help a cause you care about:

Our Vision

At LadderBlast Charities, our vision is to end suffering and unite humanity through the powerful combination of charity and entrepreneurship. We believe in the potential of every individual to make a difference, and we strive to create opportunities that empower people to bring about positive change in their communities and the world at large. 


Together, we can build a more compassionate, inclusive, and prosperous world. Join us on this journey of transformation and impact.

78% of funding for our causes come from our incredible SHOP, BUILD, & GROW initiative.

10% of funds from this initiative provides jobs to individuals in developing countries while the other 90% goes directly to the causes you support

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Strategic Funding

Nonprofits & Causes


A nonprofit organization that strives to reduce waste by using recycled materials to further education and provide assistance to individuals and families in emergency situations.

Purpose Recycling

This non-profit empowers female students in developing nations, enabling them to make significant charitable contributions. By providing essentials and educational support, these women become the backbone of their communities.


LadderBlast is committed to empowering girls in Nigeria through free education, training, and hygiene care. Beyond charity, we strive to uphold the dignity of female beauty by opposing the practice of forced head-shaving in schools.

Global Girl Empowerment

A Ladderblast objective to build modern libraries in the most economically disadvantaged communities across the globe.

Libraries For All

Lendedear is a non-profit committed to serving as a lifeline for those in need, offering therapeutic conversation services to those seeking a listening ear.


Saving Animality, a LadderBlast initiative, is dedicated to the protection of homeless and endangered animals. We also offer financial assistance to pet owners in crisis, providing vouchers for emergency pet healthcare when available.

Saving Animality

100% of all proceeds  go directly towards the cause of your choosing.


100% of Funds raised through the purpose shop help to employ and support families in dire need.


We're always looking for people who want to contribute in person. sign up here.


  • Our charities and causes are overwhelmingly  funded by profits made through our business operations. Ladderblast contributes 10% of all earnings into making our world a better place for everybody. 

  • Organizations wishing to partner with Ladderblast must align with our moral value system, provide proof of charitable contributions for at least a year.

  • While firmly based in the United States, Ladderblast operates in 11 countries worldwide. 

  • Ladderblast will not partner with any religious, political nor discriminative organization. 

Frequntly Asked Questions

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