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Discover How The BLEG Initiative Is Transforming Lives Around The Globe



Ladderblast is committed to creating employment opportunities for individuals in low-income communities throughout Nigeria. 

Ladderblast Nigeria, an international division of Ladderblast, currently offers free work development training as part of our train-to-hire initiative. 


Ladderblast provides assistance to inspiring entrepreneurs on the island country by providing discounted services. 

Sher'beauty, a skincare company  founded in 2020, has expanded operations into countries across North America.

Ladderblast is providing students the opportunity to participate in our local AFFILIATE PROGRAM, with the mission to help create access to earning opportunities.

Earning Opportunities

AI+Learning is a training course designed to help students boost their skills to increase their value in the workforce without the burden of tuition fees.


In Monrovia, we're providing local small businesses the option to join our 10/90 investment strategy, providing assistance to small businesses to expand operations.



Solomon Islands

Insuring the accessibility to education to children and adults is an essential goal in accomplishing our mission of ending poverty on the island. 

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We partner with local schools and work with university students to create economic changes in the most severely impoverish communities on the island. 

Expanding Filipino businesses with AI

Bleg Initiative

Ladderblast provides essential skills and cultural training for Filipinos to excel in American corporate environments.

Training Workforce

Equipping entrepreneurs with IT services, resources, and guidance to transform ideas into successful businesses. 🚀

Assisting Entrepreneurs

Ladderblast fosters innovation, upskills workers, and boosts domestic firms for higher value-added production. 🌟

Developing Industry

Empowers survivors with entrepreneurial skills, creating opportunities for independence and combating sex trafficking’s cycle. 🛠️🌱

Fighting Trafficking

Increasing hope in Zambia

Ladderblast contracts individuals in Zambia to perform work for nonprofit clients in the United States.

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